Skin Cleansing and SkinCare

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facial Lotions

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Intensive and special facial care

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M A S k S

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PEELINGS - skin lighteners - RENewals

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P R O T E C C I O N   S O L A R


Sun Protection Cream w/ accelerator. Sunscreen 15. 


Medium Sun protection. All skin types.

Main actives: Octyl methoxycinnamate. Benzophenone- 3. Dimethicones, Tyrosin, Riboflavin, ATP, Vegetal Collagen Peptides.


Sun Protection Cream Sunblock (+30)


High Sun Protection. All skin types.

Main actives: Octyl methoxycinnamate. Benzophenone- 3. Dimethicones, Zinc Oxide, Titanium dioxide micronized.


Color Protection Cream. Sunscreen 20.


Medium Sun protection. TAll skin types.

Main actives: Octyl methoxycinnamate. Benzophenone- 3. Dimethicones.


Face & Body Repairing Balm.


Softening, decongestant, refreshins. All skin types.

Main actives: Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Calendula, Sun screen.



                           All come in sizes of 150 g.





Men's skincare


cosmetics equipment formulation

(Electroporation y Radiofrequency)



Lavender: Relaxing, calming tensions, antiseptic.


Mellissa?: Toning, improves blood flow, relaxing.


Eucalyptus: Antiseptic, decongestant.


Lemon: Astringent, clarifying, antiseptic.


Orange: Improves blood flow. Effective for cellulitis.


Rosemary: Ideal for reducing treatments and massages. Improves blood flow. Regulates sebum secretion.


Jazmine: Stimulant, relaxes your body. Emotional stabilizer.


Lemongrass: Antiseptic, refreshing, insects repelant, helps decreasing mental fatigue.


Coconut: Mental and physical relaxing.


Sandalwood ?: Emotional stabilizer, awakens a wellbeing and happiness feeling. 


Myrrh: Induces to a calm and wellbeing feeling..


Cedar: Sedates, calms and relaxes your mind. Relieves anxiety and insomnia. 


Herbal: Relaxes, releases tensions.


Mint: Stimulates, refreshes and clears your mind.


Rose: Calming, antidepresant, relieves insomnia.


Verbena: Helps relieving depression, melancholia and headaches.


Vanilla: Relaxing for physical tireness.


Geranium: Refreshing, antidepresant.


Incense: Relaxing, induces to a wellbeing feeling and inner peace.


Vetiver: Stabilises mood swings.




Blueberry range


Hydra cell range

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Cell Renewal w/ Glycolic acid

Sizes: 55 g. Provides luminosity and moisturises. Formulated for thickened skin, photoaged and pigmented. Main actives: 6% Glycolic acid, pH 4.0