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The importance of sun protection all year long!

The Sun has also its dark side

The sun has also its dark side
The  importance  of   using  sun  protection  all  year  long
Sun protection

   Our skin protects us. It's the largest tissue in our body and because of this we must give it back everything it gives to us. It is not enough to just apply sun cream protection only when we go to the beach or the swimming pool. It's very important that we do this all year long, and even in winter when there's no much sun, as the incidence of UV rays is constant even when it's always cloudy.

   Often our make up foundation (as our CC Cream), Moisturising creams (as our Moisturising Emulsion with Vitamines E&A), and other skin care products have a low factor sun protection included in their formulas for the levels of

protection we need daily. In this way it's not complicated for us to be protected because thanks to the everyday beauty rutine we're also protecting our skin from the effects of UV rays.        

   UV rays affect the deepest layers of the dermis and they are more intense than UVB, making them the main cause of sun burns.

With this constant protection during the whole year you will be preventing premature skin ageing, something that shows strongly on the face and at the same time, you will be avoiding freckles and sun spots.

   Sun rays may damage skin cells and later may result in the formation of melanoma or even ending up as skin cancer.

It is very simple to put remedy before this occurs.

   The damage that UV rays produce on our skin accumulates and it's irreversible, this is why it's so important to protect it during the whole year and not only during the summer holidays when we go to sun bath, as the exposure is constant, even in winter and cloudy days.

Serum Beauty Eyelid

Serum beauty Eyelid
New formulation, innovation come true
Eyelids puffy eyes

Powerful actives of vegetable origin. 


Specific product for a whole eyes correction.


With just one drop, you obtain several results for the contour eyes treatment.


Suitable for sensitive skin, contains actives of high tolerance.


   The daily care of your eyelids deserves a special attention. Cleaning must be carried out with a product specifically designed for this purpose, applied gently and with small movements.

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Sun Protection
Skincare and
Sun Protection
Serum Beauty Eyelid
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Hydra Cell redensifying and firming
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Hydra Cell Range
Intelligent Cosmetics
Sun Protection
The Sun has also
its dark side
Sun Protection
Products developed
speciafically for your equipment.

The skin in this area of the eye is particularly thin and delicate. Our eyelids reflect quickly tiredness, stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, and it is more exposed to the ambient and sun agressions than the rest of skin on our body. 

Correction treatment for puffy eyes and dark circles. Lightens dark circles decreasing swelling in the inferior area by consolidating of microvascular web and reducing pigmentation (color intensity).


Lifting effect: obtaining an immidiate visible younger look in your eyes, atenuates wrinkles, lifts up the crease of superior eyelids (tensing eyelids).

Treatment at home

hygiene and correction

-    Eye Make up remover (sensitive skin)

-    Nourish after with Green Tea Lotion (decongestant , anti-oxidant, refreshing, calming)

-    Finally finish up with the Serum Beauty Eyelid

  1. Place one drop on the tip of your fingers.

  2. Apply with a gentle tapping over the contour of your eyes.

  3. Difuminate around the skin of your eyelids (around the eyes).


Use twice a day. make up can be applied after the serum has been completely absorved.

Serum Beauty Eyelid Crear Cosmetica

Products Developed Specifically For Your Equipment

Equipment Formulations
CreAR cosmetica Equipment Range is designed
to get the best efficiency from your equipment.
Crear Cosmetica Equipment Range Radiofrequency Electroporation Ultracavitation

We have received so many queries related to products to use with equipments that we finally decided some years ago to do a research along with leading brands of equipment for the aesthetics manufacturers. They tought us the functions and principles of these and they indicated us which special characteritics the products should contain. With them we have designed different formulations to obtain the best results.

Results obtained:


  • The products we offer have a high viability to electroporate.

  • On different intensities tested they have a conductivity over 75%.

  • Reliable behaviour and excellent results with a fast response on each application.

Our products designed for electroporation



- Gel Fuerte with AHA

- Gel Hidro C4H 

- Hydra Cell Gel Multifunction

Main actives:


AHA (Alfa Hidroxiácido):

Permeabilizes the epidermis, refines, and clarifies pigmentations.


Vitamin C: 

Neutralizes free radicals, acts as a catalyst in the colagen and elastine synthesis.

Hyaluronic acid:

Its main function is to retain water. In this way, cells get to maintain their turgidity and elasticity. 


Aminoacids and Peptides: 

They reestructurate colagen and elastine.

Main uses in easthetics

  • Facial rejuvenetion

  • Expression lines

  • Acne marks

  • Firming neck and face

  • Pigmentations



- Hydra Cell Modelling and Reducing Gel

- Gel Hydro C4H 

- Hydra Cell Gel Multifunction


- They produce a physical re-accomodation of the trans-epidermic vias.

- They open tiny channels of electro-pores to a sebaceous glands level, sudorific and aquaporin 3.

- It allows actives to penetrate and reach deep  inside the tissue to work more efficiently.

- It's an alternative to non-invasive incorporation of macro molecules as virtual mesotherapy or without needles (painless)

Main uses in easthetics

- Located adiposity.

- Cellulitis.

- Stretch marks.

- Flaccidity.

Just a few minutes are enough to transport 500 times more active than a topical application.


Radiofrequency Gel

- Avoids the equipment to spark

- Regulates work temperature. 

- One dose applied is enough to maintain the lubricationof the treated area.

- Easy to clean the electrodes.

- Doesn't harm the electrodes heads.

Ultracavitation Gel

Ultracavitation Gel

It has the perfect density and a homogeneous vehicle that allows an easy movement of the heads, avoiding the formation of bubbles, in this way, optimising the acoustic transmission on all frequencies used in the latest generation of equipments.

The penetration of the actives used for the different functional needs, is carried out at a molecular level.

It's worth mentioning and standing out that opposite to popular belief amongst professionals, products including liposomes in their formula DO NOT optimises the incorporation of the applied actives.

Our products are not developed with liposomes because these are unstable, they brake easily with radiation, the sun, high temperatures, and the same surfactants present in the products themselves.

Liposomes have not the capacity to incorporate the needed amounts of actives required in cosmetics.

Our equipment range uses the molecular incorporation of these actives within the concentrations permitted by ANMAT.

Our products were carefully tested along with prestigeous equipment manufacturers giving us the guarantee, high standards, quality and backing the optimum performance and efficiency of our products and therefore your equipment.

Never use products with your equipment that haven't been designed and tested for equipment purposes!

Hydra Cell Range

Hydra Cell Range
Modern promoters of deep hydration Aquasence
Precusors of Aquaporin 3 
hydra Cell Range Intelligent cosmetics

This CreAR cosmetica range has the ability to transport water molecules right into the transepidermal membranes, and other actives ingredients like aminoacids, Urea, Hyaluronic acid, etc.

Powered by an active of natural originthat can triplicate the deep hydration channels Aquaporin 3, that are naturally spread out on all the epidermal tissue.


  • Quick and lasting epidermal hydration from the very first applications.

  • Increase the number of channels of aqueous exchange (Aquaporin 3) improving the distribution of water, glycerol and the natural moist factor.​

  • Repair and maintain the lipid barrier function.

  • Decrease the loss of trans epidermal moist.

  • Greater corneocytes cohesion, improving the dermal-epidermal adherence and structure.

Our Hydra Cell products









Hydra Cell Redensifying and firming
Hydra Cell Re-densifying Firming

Hydra Cell Re-densifying and Firming, strengthen a re-structurates thin and fragile skin.

It's a complementary source of calcium and essencial aminoacids by synergic association of calcium, hydroxy methionine calcium and homotaurine.

Recreates epidermal homeostasis and restores  main cell functions, differentiation, proliferation, proteins and lipids synthesis. 

The continuous use of this new product revitalises the tissues,  increases their elasticity and promotes the production of Hyaluronic acid keeping an adecuate moist level. 

Protects the skin against external agressions, decreasing wrinkles depth and smoothing facial skin. 


It strengthens and restructurates thin and fragile skin that comes with age (after 60) or by the effect of a great weightloss.

With Hydra Cell Re-densifying Firming the skin recovers its density, firmness, elasticity and softness on your face, neck and arms.

It's an emulison of soft and delicate texture. 

Apply on the face, neck or arms areas.

After two months of continuos use the skin will show itself re-densified and more resistant.

Skincare and Chemotherapy

Skincare and Chemotherapy
Helping to transit in the best possible way,
from the aesthetic place,
accompanying the medical treatment. 

    The psychological and emotional impact of cosmetic treatments presents itself as a new horizon, a new way to evaluate the reach that professional cosmetics has on our society.

What the roll is for an aesthetician when a client comes to us to feel and look better, is a right that deserves to be heard and addressed with attention. How to approach the work procedures, what limitations we have before this problem, what special cares they will need to do at home.

As a skincare therapist I had the chance to attend one of my client who was going through chemotherapy. She asked her doctor if she could continue with her skincare sessions, and her doctor approved this. This gave me the tranquillity to continue her skincare treatment under her doctor support and being able to consult should any problem or enquiry arise.

Skincare and Chemotherapy
Observation and diagnosis of the skin 

     My client, as it’s common in all these cases, showed facial dehydration, extreme dryness, firmness loss, altered and sensitive epidermis, with a weakened lipid barrier and reduced hydrolipidic film.

The nervous system and the skin have the same origin, they are both intimately linked through the nerves that are spread throughout all the skin surface.

The chemotherapy treatment deteriorates deeply the hydrolipidic film which is a natural protection against all external aggressions, leaving nerve endings more exposed than normal, thus, all stimulus on the skin feels amplified increasing the intolerance. The hydrolipidic film is also a barrier that helps to maintain the skin moist, and the reduction of this film lowers the needed moist levels.

Adding the fact that also chemotherapy drugs interfere decreasing the sebaceous and sudoriferous glands activity. This causes that the corneocyte layer thins, making the skin to lose its moist quicker and this finally causing dehydrated and alipidic skin.


Our job is to provide the skin of that protective shield that it’s been lost, protecting it delicately and carefully until it is repaired.


All these issues make me to consider a different work method, respecting the limitations they were presented before me.


The skin is not the same as before, thereby, the way to look after it, neither is.

A delicate skin needs a delicate treatment.

It’s a skin prone to infections and because of this the treatment must be specific and customized, taking into account the extreme precautions needed to avoid any contamination.

All work materials were used only for her.

Pampering the skin



First step: Hygiene, simple but most important in our work procedures. Sensitive skin de-makeup, mild Emulsion with Aloe Vera, oils and naturals decongestants, we avoid all strong and abrasive elements.


Second step: Tonning, with Green Tea Sensitive Lotion, antiage and decongestant, (Camomile, Green Tea extract, Grape seed extract). Apply on the area to be treated to reduce the fragility of the facial skin structure.

DO NOT use hydro-alcoholic products


Third step: Improve sensorial perception with peptides to preserve balance and protection. Hydra Cell Redensifying Firming. Strengthen and re-structures fragile and thin skin, and/or Facial Emulsion w/ Blueberries and Ceramides, alternating according to the session. The later is a complimentary source of calcium and essential aminoacids through synergic association of hydroxi methionine calcium and homotaurine. Recreates epidermal homeostasis and restores the main cell functions. Differentiation, proliferation, protein and lipids synthesis, increases the elasticity and promotes the production of Hyaluronic acid maintaining the adequate moist levels, reducing the skin sensorial intolerance contributing to a more comfortable feeling.


    Amongst the products selected, I’ve included some punctually from the Blueberries Range, they are antioxidants by excellence!. Blueberries are unique amongst other fruits because of their powerful abilities, not only to capture free radicals, but also they are capable to modulate directly with the genes that provide the cells of their own protection mechanisms.  Those genes produce enzymes like dismutase super peroxide and catalase that allow cells to capture and detoxify those free radicals, replacing them for innocuous molecules.

Blueberries, apart from strengthen the collagen in the fibroblasts, the anthocyanin in them also reduce the production of enzymes that destroy collagen.

    It is very important to stand out the anti-inflammatory qualities of blueberries too!


Fourth step: Blueberry Mask, firming, neutralizes the free radicals action. Recuperates and strengthens firmity and vitality of the skin, it contains PCA sodium (a natural moist factor) which is an hydrating molecule that increases the capacity to fix water. This mask can be applied on eyelids, providing softness and elasticity to the skin without irritations.









    Day cream, Hydra Cell redensifying Firming, on face and neck. In the evening  Facial Emulsion with Blueberries and Ceramides.



    Blueberries Hand Cream.



    XL Lip, Oligopeptides, Vitamin E.



    Body Emulsion w/ Blueberries. Enriched with vitamin E and natural oils like Almond, Olive, Sesame. Sun protection, sunscreen. 




    Working with optimism is essential to transmit so to our client, and I felt that optimism back to me. It is very important so everything works towards the best results we are aiming to.


    That warm hug she gave me at the end of each session made me reflect about how much we can do and offer with the right preparation needed for these specific cases. And also made me more conscious about the many different alternatives we have for treatments according to the needs of each client.


    I sincerely hope that my input and experience as an aesthetician may help to other colleagues to improve the lives of other people who are going through the hard process of chemotherapy.

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